Finding a good Computer Repair company

Choosing a computer repair companyOften I’m told by customers they had trouble finding a reliable computer repair company and they weren’t quite sure what they should be looking for when choosing one.  The same problem applies when choosing any type of tradesman be it a mechanic, a builder, an electrician etc…

I thought I’d write down a few points I’d recommend people follow to help them:

  1. Recommendations!  If you know of someone that has used a local computer repair company and had a good experience then that’s a good starting place.  While you can’t guarantee you will get the same service or technician it’s better than choosing a company at random.
  2. Trade / Council memberships, is the company a member of a trade or local Council scheme?  Something like the Trading Standards Buy with Confidence scheme many local councils run will ensure the company meets it’s guidelines.
  3. A physical business address, I’d be very cautious about handing my computer over to someone that was unable to provide a receipt with a physical address on it.  I’d also be checking that address against things like their company website to make sure it actually exists and relates to the business.
  4. Payment, can you pay by cheque, card or bank transfer?  I’d be cautious about anyone only willing to accept cash.
  5. Insurance, does the company have business insurance?  Are they covered for public liability, can they show you a certificate?
  6. Warranty, do they offer a warranty on all repair work?
  7. Backup, a company should offer to backup all your files prior to starting any work if required, providing the hard disk is in good condition.
  8. Charges, do their rates seem to good to be true?  While it’s never a bad idea to shop around if a company is offering software/hardware at a considerably reduced rate to other companies you have to ask yourself how they can do this and why.  Is the software genuine and is the hardware brand new and in full working condition.

Taking any one of the above points will not guarantee you a good experience but when you put them all together and ensure the company you use can meet them all then you are on the right track to finding a computer repair reputable company you can trust.

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